Microsoft leaks first secret tablet Centaurus

Microsoft is one step away from the release of a new device - information about it is extremely actively disseminated among the employees of the organization. Data leaks were inevitable, and some analysts saw this as a change in the company's policy, which had never disclosed the hardware of new products before the start of sales. Now the Internet has posted pictures of the upcoming device "Centaurus" (Centaurus) from a variety of angles.

The Centaurus will be the first Microsoft device with the new Windows Lite operating system. This is not just a "light version" of the well-known OS, but a special platform for gadgets from the category of tablets, but with two or more screens. Intel is actively pushing colleagues to switch to such devices, and last year it presented a number of similar concepts. It is logical that Microsoft, as a leading Intel partner, tried to occupy this niche among the first.

Panos Panay, a Microsoft employee, spoke in a press interview last year about his bosses' refusal to release his team's brainchild into production. It was something like a small tablet, reminiscent of the "pocket" 7-inch version of the Surface Mini. According to the management of Microsoft, in comparison with other compact tablets, it had no competitive differences. But Centaurus has them - the same dual display and some other features, for which the project received the green light.

There is no official information about the Microsoft Centaurus project yet. It is assumed that the novelty will be released in six months - probably for the Christmas sales.