Microsoft unveils next-generation interactive whiteboard Surface Hub 2

During the Microsoft Ignite conference, the company unveiled another ambitious development - the Surface Hub 2 interactive whiteboard based on Windows Core OS (WCOS).

Microsoft has been working on WCOS and its Composable Shell (C-Shell) for years. Having achieved success in creating unique software, the company was able to work on new equipment. An example of this is the Surface Hub 2 and its (hypothetical) pocket sibling Andromeda.

A fingerprint sensor is installed at the bottom of the interactive whiteboard for multiple users. Fingerprints in this case serve as a pass to sign in to Surface Hub 2. The screen displays a few recent files, allowing you to open multiple collaborative documents from your account.

During the presentation, one of the presenters - Raanah Amjadi and her assistant demonstrated the capabilities of Surface Hub 2 by logging into their accounts, opening and placing Excel files on different parts of the screen.

The changes also affected the hardware. The new version - Surface Hub 2X, coming next year, will feature 4K cameras and a full-screen display. A software update is scheduled for 2020. The Hub 2X will use a dedicated processor cartridge on the back for hardware and software upgrades.