Russian smartphone TaigaPhone will receive reliable protection from cyber spies

The world continues to be shaken by sensational news about more and more "raids" of hackers on the information resources of the largest companies, banks, government structures of dozens of states. Evidence shows that the appetites of cyber gangsters are growing day by day.

Against this background, the news of the creation of a protected domestic smartphone TaigaPhone sounded like pleasant music. The company "Taiga Systems", a member of the InfoWatch holding, distinguished itself. The result of the hard work of its specialists is the TaigaPhone smartphone, specially designed for corporate clients dealing with classified information.

The basis of the smartphone is the Android platform with Russian firmware, which has several levels of protection, which, in turn, are under the full control of the user.

So, for example, it can completely block the microphone, video camera and all elements that determine the location. It will also not be difficult to turn TaigaPhone into a "brick" - a device that performs exclusively the function of a telephone. Setting up the device is represented by just a few buttons.

The developers have provided their brainchild with special applications that provide control over the information sent and disable individual applications.