Russian scientists: by the end of the century, the Northern Sea Route will be ice-free

According to the head of the Siberian Research Institute, Vladimir Krupchatnikov, by the end of this century, the Northern Sea Route will be completely ice-free. The main reason is global warming.

Russian scientists are considering several scenarios for the development of this situation. The most negative of them is associated with the complete release from ice and the formation of severe polar cyclones, from which, first of all, shipping and the infrastructure of the polar shelf will suffer. Neighboring Siberia will also get it, where the already harsh winters will become even colder.

This forecast - by the way, is far from the only one - was the result of mathematical modeling. In addition to Russian scientists, their colleagues from 20 countries of the world presented their versions. At present, active ice melting has been recorded in the Arctic and Antarctic due to intense warming, which generally affects the Earth's climate change.

If the darkest assumptions come true, then the air on our planet by the end of the century will be warmer by 5 degrees. But, according to Krupchatnikov, this can be avoided if humanity moderates its appetites and normalizes economic activity in the interests of the environment.