ActionDash app will visually show the time consumed by the smartphone

A few months ago, Google introduced Digital Wellbeing technology to control and set limits on the use of smartphones running Android 9.0. It was created to help those who are tired of addiction to an electronic gadget and need help getting rid of it. And recently, ActionDash was released on the basis of this technology from the developer Chris Lacey, the author of services such as Action Launcher and Link Bubble.

ActionDash cannot, as provided by Digital Wellbeing, restrict access to the applications selected by the user, but it regularly collects and analyzes all the statistics of their use. It shows exactly when the application was launched, how long it was running, what notifications it sent, what data it used, etc. Information is presented in the form of visual graphs and diagrams.

For example, you will no longer be able to self-deceive and claim to be reading e-books, because ActionDash will blankly show you how many pages were actually read last week. The ratio of time spent on an entertainment portal and a work site will help you understand where hours and minutes are wasted.

The main advantage of ActionDash is that Google is just beginning to promote Digital Wellbeing technology on new Samsung and Nokia devices, and Chris Lacey's application is already available to users. Including even older smartphones running Android 5.0. In addition, the basic version is free - download and start self-organizing your life!