Snowden's Haven app lets you detect intruders using your smartphone

As you know, modern digital technologies have two extremes. On the one hand, this is practically unlimited access to information, and on the other, the increased capabilities of digital attackers, which have already brought and will certainly bring many troubles.

Former NSA employee Edward Snowden, hiding in Russia, knows this perhaps better than anyone. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was he who developed the Haven application, which turns an ordinary Android smartphone into a means of protecting against unauthorized access to confidential information.

For example, you want to organize monitoring of your apartment while it is unattended. Using its technical capabilities (microphone, camera, accelerometer), the phone will record any suspicious changes in the room around it, and in case of danger, it will warn the owner about it.

It is quite natural that the application will not stop the attackers, but will definitely document the fact of their intrusion. Here's how it works in a more detailed exposition of E. Snowden himself:

“For example, you hid your laptop in a safe, at the same time placing your smartphone near it - so that the safe was in his field of vision. If someone opens the safe during your absence, the phone's luxometer will react to changes in lighting, the microphone will record extraneous sounds, the accelerometer will react to the intruder's movement towards the laptop, and the camera will take a picture of the intruder. "