The first serial bendable smartphone will appear this year

Chinese startup Moxi has announced its readiness to begin serial production of the world's first bendable smartphone this year. It is planned to supply up to 100, 000 items for sale annually at a price of $ 764 each.

It will be a long, thin smartphone with a narrow screen and a large battery at the bottom. The flexible case allows you to wear it on your wrist like a bracelet. The smartphone display is made on the basis of graphene. Unlike its “predecessors”, which have the status of prototypes and concepts, the product from Moxi is already ready for mass production.

However, not everything is as good as it looks in the advertising pictures. The first version will have a black and white screen made using e-ink technology. The color version, according to the company's executive director Chongsheng Yu, is just a perspective. In addition, the phone will be inferior in the number of functions even to some much cheaper devices currently being produced.

But even with all the above shortcomings, the smartphone from Moxi is the first product of this kind in the world, and such electronic giants as Samsung are so far unsuccessfully struggling to create it. It is much easier to bring an already finished product to perfection than to create it from scratch. It is the matter of time.