Royole FlexPai could be the world's first foldable smartphone

The idea that a smartphone should be foldable and more compact has been in the air for a decade. But apart from a few concepts and prototypes, there have been no attempts to implement it yet, so the Royole Corporation has a chance to go down in history. It launched the first real-life single-touch smartphone that folds in half. But how good is he?

The model is called FlexPai and its dimensions are more like a non-standard tablet. It can be folded in a strictly specified direction, bending it in half, while the device becomes very bulky, but continues to function. Although it is clear from the demo video that there are still some problems with determining the current orientation of the device, plus it is not a fact that many applications support this format.

Inside, the Royole FlexPai has a Snapdragon 8xx series chip, 6GB of RAM and an unknown amount of constant. The price tag, according to data from GizmoChina, will be $ 1290, but the smartphone will be delivered exclusively by pre-order and no earlier than December. Interest in it may have faded by then, as a developer conference kicks off next week, where LG and Huawei are rumored to be preparing to unveil their foldable smartphone variations. It seems that the world is on the verge of, if not a revolution, then a historic milestone in the development of the gadget industry.