Japan will create the first virus in the history of the country to protect against hackers

The Ministry of Defense of Japan has recognized the country's lagging behind in the field of cybersecurity, in connection with which it announced a number of innovations. First, it is planned to increase the number of specialists in the civil service in this area. Second, a defensive software solution needs to be developed within a year - a computer virus to attack hostile networks.

The cyber security unit under the Japanese Ministry of Defense has only 150 people, including officials, and a minimum of 220 employees are needed. Better and more, because the closest neighbors and competitors account for the state hackers in the thousands. Approximately 7, 000 in North Korea, 6, 200 in the United States, more than 130, 000 in China. It is impossible to confront threats on an equal footing with such a superiority of forces, which is why Japan adopted a new cyber doctrine last December.

For this, the military found a loophole in the political system. It allows cyberattacks only against hostile states or organizations, the scale of the harm from which is comparable to the activities of an entire country. Since it is very difficult to assess the size and potential of even the simplest botnet on the fly, it was decided to launch a spyware program into other people's networks in advance to collect data and forestall an attack.

Japanese Defense Ministry sources say the military has found a compromise between the country's defensive policies and the need to aggressively defend cyberspace. By March next year, private contractors must submit versions of military-grade computer viruses for covert presence on enemy networks. If necessary, they will be able to thwart other people's attacks and implicitly serve as a deterrent. All details of the project are classified.