US Special Forces will receive devices for "reading minds"

The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) presented a number of innovations designed to help special forces soldiers (navy seals, green berets, etc.) to determine how local residents understand the meaning of the questions they are asked. The system uses various sensors to monitor the physiological state of a person, for example, the presence of stress and other natural reactions.

According to DefenseOne, the "physiological analysis tool" was developed by SOCOM specialists together with 15 partners. It uses radar and other sensors to monitor heart rate, body temperature, and voice analysis.

As a result, the device can show how successful / unsuccessful the conversation was with local residents without the need to know and understand their cultural characteristics.

In addition to the complex, contractors have developed a special glove with which you can manipulate a 3D map to plan tactical airborne missions, as well as a shirt with built-in sensors that informs medics about the physical condition of a fighter.