Five online tools to track the coronavirus epidemic

The WHO has officially christened the Chinese coronavirus, giving it the name COVID-2019. This will help facilitate information sharing and reduce speculation around the epidemic. To date, the virus has already penetrated 26 countries, the number of infected has exceeded 40, 000. The five online tools below will help you navigate where it is most dangerous right now and take the necessary precautions.

Map from Johns Hopkins Hospital

An online dashboard that combines data from WHO and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Works in real time, available here.

Statnews Map

Statnews uses its own AI to analyze news and social media posts to map areas of tension. The map is available here.

Coronavirus application

Developed by two French expatriates living in Taiwan. The app gives detailed statistics for nearby regions, reporting how many people are infected, how many are hospitalized, vaccinated, etc. Available here.

Epidemiological Map from Baidu

A Chinese search engine has added another layer to its regular maps with constantly updated information about where and how many people have been infected. An important nuance - unconfirmed, predictable cases are also noted here. Available at this link.

China Online Checkout System

A Chinese cybersecurity company has created a simple tool for collecting statistics on all domestic flights and train journeys. With its help, you can easily check if there were any infected people on the same flight. You can study the statistics here.