Humanity has destroyed two polio viruses out of three

WHO has announced the eradication of another polio virus, wild poliovirus type 3. Thus, there is only one strain of this virus left on the planet, which threatens the inhabitants of the mountainous regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is a very significant achievement for world medicine and humanity in general.

The first vaccine against poliomyelitis appeared in 1955, but only by 1988 the countries of the world agreed to launch the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Then, in 1988, 350, 000 cases of the disease were registered, and in 2018 - only 33 in the entire planet. Thirty years of struggle ended in total success, 99% of polioviruses were destroyed. In fact, almost 100%, because there are only control samples in scientific laboratories and conflicting information from the two regions.

The last poliovirus type 2 disease was reported in India in 1999, but scientists waited until 2015 to announce its eradication. No one has contracted the third type of virus since 2012, but only eight years later, WHO officially recognizes its elimination.

Actually, the virus of the first type, the last of the remaining, was officially ill in Africa in 2016. Since then, sometimes conflicting information has been received from the Hindu Kush region, but the situation there is too dangerous and complex for detailed research to be carried out. In any case, the virus, if it still exists, is locked up in a distant part of the world and does not threaten humanity.