Hackers spy on babies through a video baby monitor

Sometimes the greed and unbridled arrogance of hackers knows no bounds. According to many experts in the field of IT-security, they have already come close to infants, peeping or scaring them through the "video baby monitor".

There have already been cases when Internet hooligans transmitted frightening sounds through them, bringing crumbs to tears. Their less sophisticated "brothers" are limited to hacking "smart" children's toys connected to the Internet. Research by web security companies suggests that one in five children can fall prey to hackers.

And attackers have a place to turn around. So three million private British homes (28% of households) have 10 or more gadgets that hackers can connect to, gaining access to classified private information.

"The number of break-ins is growing steadily, " experts warn, "therefore, it is necessary to observe as much precautions as possible."

Fraudsters are already "spying" with might and main through webcams, opening meter readings, penetrating wearable devices, fixing the location of their owners, and can even turn off these devices. Laptops, smartphones, and routers that provide access to passwords and bank details are also vulnerable to hacking.