To obtain a US visa, you will now have to disclose your social media accounts

One of the points of Donald Trump's election program was the tightening of migration to the United States. Combined with advanced social engineering and intelligence agencies' work to identify terrorist activity on the Internet, this has resulted in new legislative initiatives. Namely - a few days ago, amendments were introduced to the procedure for obtaining American visas. So, among other documents, from now on, you will need to disclose all your social media accounts, phone numbers and email addresses.

Until the summer of 2019, information about a person's activity in social networks was classified as secondary, the US supervisory authorities requested it only in the case of migrants from "suspicious" regions: Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Cuba, etc. At the same time, the special services have been actively interested in such information almost since the appearance of social networks themselves, as well as popular instant messengers. They are interested not so much in confidential information as in information about the general activity of an individual: in which groups he is, what and with whom he discusses, where he likes.

According to representatives of the US Department of State, the study of user profiles on social networks will be a powerful tool for filtering out unwanted elements. And how to use this tool, the authorities will decide for themselves. And they promise the most serious consequences for those who dare to provide false information - at least, this will entail a refusal to issue a visa.

You need to provide personal profiles that have been used over the past five years. At first glance, this seems like an outrageous and massive invasion of privacy. But advocates of innovation make the following argument: when you apply for a job in an important position, you will be officially checked and rechecked even more thoroughly - and this is considered normal practice. In any case, the authorities will check everything they see fit, so why not meet them halfway and provide convenient access to information in order to speed up and simplify all checks?