Sock "Owlet" will monitor the condition of the baby

Of course, parents of small children are worried about the health of their baby. The "smart" sock, developed by American scientists, can help them in this.

A group of students and professors from Brigham Young University (Utah, USA) led by Kurt Workman presented their new development - a smart sock for children. It was named "Owlet", which means "Owlet".

The device is a small sock with sensors that is worn on the baby's leg. It allows you to monitor indicators such as body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep quality. All this data is sent via Wi-Fi to the parents' smartphone or tablet, on which a special application is installed.

The idea of ​​creating such a "smart" sock came to Kurt Workman after he lost his young son, who died as a result of respiratory arrest in his sleep.

Owlet developers have already managed to raise more than 100 thousand US dollars. Sales of "smart" socks will start in November this year. They retail for $ 199.