Google is working on a smartphone that can think like a person

Already the next Android smartphone made by Google can get the ability to see “like a human being”. The company announced that it is actively implementing algorithms into the operating system that allow a mobile device to recognize the content of an image and evaluate it like a human.

It is a joint venture between Google and the vision chip maker Movidius. The two companies have already worked together on the Tango project, in which a computer was taught to simulate a 3D environment using multiple cameras. Thanks to new developments, mobile devices will soon appear that understand street signs and individual words that are in their field of vision.

“Our collaboration with Movidius will enable us to create a new type of product that people have never seen before, ” said the head of machine intelligence at Google.

All this will help create computers structured like the human brain, which will make it possible to evaluate objects the way we do. An example of such technologies is the Google Photos service, where a user can search for specific objects or people in pictures.