Scientists say American embassies are attacking with microwave weapons

The controversy surrounding a mysterious disease dubbed "Havana Syndrome" continues unabated, which has fallen victim to American embassies and CIA officials in a number of countries, including Cuba, Russia and China, over the past four years. To investigate these incidents, a team was formed at the US National Academy of Sciences, which included experts in the field of medicine and radio electronics.

In a report they published, they said high-power microwave radiation could be the cause of Havana syndrome. It is worth recalling that the alleged microwave weapons appeared during the Cold War among its main participants - the United States and the USSR. It was intended to disable electronic equipment, but, as it turned out, is also capable of causing harm to people.

An example of this is the projects of Boeing and the US Air Force Research Laboratory - CHAMP and THOR. We are talking about a powerful microwave source installed on a rocket and a device for destroying large masses of drones. In simplified terms, a microwave weapon is something like a microwave oven, the power of which is hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than a safe one. The electromagnetic field created by such a combat "microwave" can disrupt the operation of enemy electronic devices and even completely disable them.

Built in the USSR, this high power microwave generator continues its life at the University of New Mexico

Exposure of humans to powerful, directed microwaves illustrates the Frey effect, in which the human head is a receiving microwave antenna in the low gigahertz frequency range. Under the influence of microwaves, a person begins to hear strange sounds, which is one of the symptoms of Havana syndrome. In addition to noise, those who find themselves in the zone of microwave damage experience headaches, nausea, partial hearing loss, dizziness, disorientation in space.

However, all this is nothing more than speculation, since even if Russia and China have electronic weapons, the facts of their use against American diplomats have not been proven. It is possible that the Havana syndrome will ultimately remain part of the conspiracy theory.