Samsung is preparing a whole "trooper" of the latest developments for the exhibition CES 2020

It's impossible to imagine another CES without Samsung. The upcoming CES 2020 in January will not be an exception - the latest developments of the company await visitors to the exhibition.

One of them is SelfieType technology, which uses a smartphone's selfie camera and artificial intelligence that translates finger movements into typing from an imaginary keyboard. According to the developers, in this mode, you can correspond in messengers and respond to SMS messages without touching the gadget.

Another Samsung project, Becom, is aimed at people struggling with hair loss. Now, thanks to a portable AI device and a special mobile application, users will be able to scan the scalp, determine its condition, follicle density and track other signs of baldness. Based on the results of the survey, the device will offer the best solution to the problem.

Next up on Samsung's "list" is the Hyler smart pen. Outwardly, it is no different from the usual, but in the process of working with printed text, it digitizes the marked passages, recognizes them and transfers them to the smartphone.

"Window" SunnySide will help those who, due to their profession, spend a long time in closed rooms without natural light. The window creates artificial sunlight that changes with the time of day and helps in the production of vitamin D.

The Ultra V sensor for wearable devices and other electronics is able to monitor the intensity of ultraviolet rays, which will help in the prevention of skin diseases.

At CES 2020, Samsung will also unveil the humanoid robot PiBo, which can provide weather information, breaking news, or search results. The robot can engage in simple communication based on voice and facial expressions.

FITT is a healthy lifestyle platform that offers personalized exercise and health predictions based on fitness tests on heart condition, muscle strength and posture.

Vtouch technology uses eye and finger tracking to control vehicles and smart homes.

Smoothy is a group video chat application for 8 people that, when launched, turns off external sounds and allows you to answer calls in any environment.