SkySaver backpack will help you evacuate from a burning multi-story building

Often, during severe fires, people find themselves trapped in rooms, unable to get out of it without the help of a special fire escape. But what if the possibilities of such a ladder are limited or there is none at all, and the count goes on for minutes?

A team of Brooklyn fire inspectors have developed the SkySaver rescue backpack specifically designed for self-evacuation from burning high-rise buildings. The kit includes a backpack, wall mount and fire-resistant cable with carabiner.

It should be noted right away that SkySaver must be purchased in advance and stored in an accessible place. In addition, a wall mount should be installed above one of the windows, to which a rescue fire-resistant cable will be fastened in the event of a fire. In turn, the cable is secured with straps on the chest and thighs, like normal climbing equipment.

Before evacuation, the cable is fastened to the wall mount with a carabiner and you can start descending through the window. The durable cable is able to withstand a weight of up to 133 kg and provide a descent from a height of up to 80 meters at a constant speed.

SkySaver is based on a system developed by Israeli army specialists for emergency services. It is available in three versions - 25, 50 and 80 meters. The cost of the "shortest" set is $ 749.