Scotland launches first cryptocurrency addiction clinic

Scottish rehabilitation center "Castle Craig Hospital" has officially ranked cryptoaddicts as mentally ill people and intends to offer them treatment. The local experts attributed the hobby for mining and trading bitcoin and its analogues to a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The closest analogue is gambling addicts who are ready to spend their last money in gambling.

"Cryptocurrency addiction", according to the official documents of the American Psychiatric Association, has not yet been recognized as a disease that must be treated. In the same way as the pernicious addiction to online games, the guide to the list of mental illnesses is updated extremely slowly, once a decade, so it inevitably loses to scientific and technological progress. It turns out a situation when there is a problem, but it is not so easy to solve it legally.

Because of such disagreements, doctors are in no hurry to "discover" new diseases, preferring to consider them as varieties of already known disorders. For example, addiction to online games fits well with the lingering depression model, in which the patient suffers from loneliness and feelings of personal worthlessness. And gravitates towards the dopamine-inducing elements of MMORGP, like completing useless but flamboyant missions. And how to treat depression, except for disconnecting the computer from the Internet, medicine already knows.

It is unlikely that the Scottish doctors' initiative will lead to the recognition of cryptocurrency fans as mentally unhealthy. And this is not necessary - the press service of the rehabilitation center is already preparing publications in which it is described in detail why this hobby is akin to drug addiction, and why one needs to be treated. But as for specific methods of therapy, there is no information yet.