The Blue Yeti X microphone lets you speak with the voice of an orc from World of Warcraft

Good news for fans of the World of Warcraft universe - Blue has released the new Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition microphone. It is aimed at avid gamers, professional streamers, and simply lovers of high-quality acoustics. The main feature of the microphone is that it allows you to speak like the real inhabitants of Azeroth.

The Blue Yeti X is equipped with a four-capsular condenser microphone with four pick-up patterns. On the front panel there is an "intelligent" knob for controlling the sound, connected headphones and various sound options of the computer. Blue Yeti X is designed in the WoW style, the microphone is decorated with runes and performed in a classic gray scale.

By default, Blue Yeti X works in sound mode for broadcasting, for dubbing streams on Twitch or YouTube, for podcasts, etc. But the user is free to switch to voice modulation mode based on the parameters of characters from World of Warcraft. For example, to speak like an orc or tauren. Additionally, you can bind hundreds of sounds from Blizzard's World of Warcraft: Shadowlands library to hot buttons to add special effects to your speech.

The Blue Yeti X microphone goes on sale this month for $ 200.