Gadgets to help you survive a blizzard

You will not surprise Russia with a lot of snow. However, there are exceptions when it sweeps up to the very roof. You need to be prepared for such a development of events. This is what a modern emergency gadget kit for snow storm survival, for example, might look like.

Let's start with the notification tool - the ETON FRX5 universal smartphone. It is both a battery-powered and solar-powered radio, a flashlight and a smartphone. In the event of an alarm, it regularly broadcasts weather reports in the area and the level of danger. If for some reason the batteries fail, you will have to turn the generator handle for 4 minutes, and thus provide yourself with a broadcast for 10-15 minutes.

But then the storm subsided, and there was an opportunity to go outside and enjoy a wonderful winter day. Kids will surely appreciate the Nerf snowball blaster. And the Parrot AR drone, equipped with a camera, will help to capture the magnificent winter landscapes from a bird's eye view.

The Therma CELL heated insoles and warm touchscreen gloves help keep you warm in the cold.

It is not uncommon for snow storms to experience multi-day power outages. The way out of this situation is flashlights with economical UST photodiodes with a 10-day power supply.

Communication interruptions are also possible. The GoTenna mobile phone the size of a small flashlight will help solve this problem. It will provide communication within 1 kilometer with the nearest subscriber, whose phone is currently switched on.