Helios modular lighting system turns any wall into a light source

If you need to illuminate both the entire wall and its individual sections, but you do not know in advance what coverage area is in question, a modular lighting system will come to the rescue. Helios hexagonal light sources cannot change the brightness, color and temperature of lighting, and they look unassuming. But they are practical and cheaper than pretentious counterparts.

The honeycomb plate has a width of 11 cm and a thickness of 1 cm, consumes 6, 3 watts of energy and creates a luminous flux of 400 lumens. This is identical to a 40-watt incandescent light bulb or a 6-watt LED downlight - not too small. Moreover, Helios hexes can be mounted in groups, up to 105 units in one chain. If you need more, you will have to stretch a parallel branch, entangling at least the whole room.

The hexagonal shape is ideal for filling any space. Fixtures are attached to the wall with nails, glue, double-sided tape, etc. Between themselves - by magnetic mounts, through them energy is transmitted, so the charging wire needs to be connected only to the very first hexagon. A lifesaver for interior designers who can lay out both a pattern and a solid light panel with lamps.

Each module is equipped with a capacitive sensor - the lighting is switched on by touching specific areas, or you can simply move your hand over the surface. The user is free to intuitively vary the level of illumination of the room and energy consumption, or he can play trivially by creating light drawings with gestures. Pleasure price - from $ 60 for a set of 5 hexagonal lamps and a power supply. The Helios system should go on sale in April 2017.