Andean condor flies over 160 km without flapping its wings

In a study conducted by Professor Emily Shepard from Swansea University (UK) and Dr. Sergio Lambertucci from Komahue National University (Argentina), it was found that the heaviest bird in the world - the Andean condor (its weight can reach 15 kg) - is able to fly in soaring flight, without flapping wings, more than 160 km.

Each bird species has its own unique flight technique. Some can continuously flap their wings with a high frequency, others dive, and still others circle, making complex maneuvers in pursuit of insects.

Soaring birds are no less interesting. In particular, albatrosses during the migration period, thanks to a unique flight technique, are able to cover thousands of kilometers. They match predators - eagles and hawks, soaring high in the sky and looking out for their prey.

To study the flight technique of the Andean condor, scientists used high-tech "flight" recorders that record the frequency of flaps and turns made by the bird in search of food (condors feed on carrion). Scientists have found that up to 75% of flaps occur on takeoff. Once in the air, the condor finds the necessary upward heat currents, which help to soar at a certain height for an extremely long time.