The RAYY brand has released jewelry with a hidden "light message" function

The September collection of RAYY diamond rings was created with the participation of physicists from the EPFL Institute in Lausanne. Their efforts were required to develop a special structured metal surface that should reflect the rays of light in a strictly defined order. And at the same time to enhance their brightness, concentrating energy according to a given pattern, so that the reflected light is noticeable even on an illuminated surface.

The rings were based on traditional jewelry varieties of 18-karat gold - white, pink, and yellow. The diamonds are man-made and are said to be created using energy from solar panels. This is partly a marketing ploy, as the new rings are positioned as "solar" in a broad sense.

The main feature of these decorations is that the light reflected from them forms a clear inscription. It is projected onto a nearby surface and from the side it looks as if the ring "transforms" the light falling on it into a new pattern. This is more than a reflection, here all the edges and gaps between the letters are very clear, even and look as if the inscription is “painted with light”.

Each ring bears a unique inscription, created at the request of the client. You can only see it if you have a light source, but it can even be a regular flashlight. Although real sunlight is still better, it also creates shadows onto which the light message is projected very effectively.