Tomsk scientists have developed an "eternal" protective screen for a smartphone

It seems that in the long-term debate of scientists about the harmfulness / harmlessness of radiation from mobile phones, an end has been put. The conclusion made by the experts of the World Health Organization states that frequent use of a mobile phone can pose a danger to human health up to the development of cancer. According to experts, it can be put on a par with the exhaust of cars.

Scientists of the Faculty of Radiophysics of Tomsk State University responded to such disappointing news. They have developed a protective shield that attenuates harmful microwave radiation.

Initially, it was supposed to use ferrites and carbon nanostructures as materials. However, then they had to be abandoned: the screens turned out to be cumbersome and impractical.

Ultimately, scientists created a screen based on a mesh of the finest magnetic microwires with a diameter of 5 to 20 microns. The thickness of the screen is commensurate with a sheet of paper.

The production of the screen will be carried out by the enterprise "Radioprotection-T" at the radiophysical faculty of the university. The product turned out to be much cheaper than its predecessors, it has an almost unlimited service life and an affordable price - about 100 rubles.