Twelve Sims 4 Players Will Vie For $ 100,000 In New Reality Show

Electronic Arts is launching The Sims Spark’d, a reality show that sounds like the dream of millions of gamers. All you need to do is complete various challenges in The Sims 4 in the fight for the top prize of $ 100, 000. The show kicks off next week and will feature 12 players. The main goal of the participants is to complete several creative tasks at a time in order to create "the most unique and memorable character, world and history."

The full season of The Sims Spark'd will be in four parts and kicks off July 17th on TBS. New episodes will be released every week and can be seen every Monday on the BuzzFeed Multiplayer YouTube channel.

From the start of the show, any player can complete The Sims 4 missions that will be posted as part of the competition program. The most creative gamers will receive invitations to shoot the next season of The Sims Spark'd.