Alba's smart light bulb will be able to change the lighting depending on your behavior

The idea of ​​developing a truly "smart" light bulb belongs to Stack Lighting. The Alba smart light bulb, instead of receiving control signals via a smartphone, will be able to independently control the lighting based on external factors. For this, special light and motion sensors have been created, combined into one device.

The idea of ​​creating a "smart" lighting system belongs to the CEO of the company, Neil Yosef. Its essence lies in the fact that the light bulb is turned on automatically, depending on the time of day and the presence of people in the room.

The light intensity is influenced by the time of day and the specific situation. For example, on a sunny day, the brightness will be minimal, and at night, on the contrary, it will reach a maximum. During rest, the "smart" light bulb will emit a warm light, but during work - a cold business light. The operating mode of this lighting system is set using a special mobile application.

The Alba system may well learn to adapt to user behavior. Coordination of the light bulbs is carried out by a special network hub using the Zigbee program.

Stack Alba should be on sale early next year. The estimated price of the kit is $ 150, and each additional copy is $ 60.