Omius robotic jacket will adjust body temperature

People have long learned to keep heat between the body and the rigid outer shell-clothing, but the problem of effective ventilation in the 21st century also confuses designers and engineers. A classic example: a skier climbing a mountain and drenched in sweat is ready to open the collar of his jacket almost to the navel, but when he begins to slide down, he wants to be as closed as possible from the piercing wind and cold.

Automation should be involved in regulating the user's temperature regime, the authors of the Omius startup decided. And we equipped the structure in the form of a jacket made of windproof fabric with two elements. The first is a system of controlled slit valves for removing heated air from different parts of the body. The second is the module for analyzing the situation and making decisions, a kind of personal meteorologist and orderly in one person.

When you first get to know Omius, you will have to click the clasps and show the system which heat transfer mode is most comfortable for you. She uses in her work not only temperature and humidity sensors inside and outside clothes, but also an algorithm for analyzing the user's habits. Hence the comparison with the second skin - as it is used, Omius will learn to cool and warm the desired parts of the body in a targeted manner, adjusting to the movements of the wearer.

The Omius hardware weighs just 100 grams, less than another smartphone you can put in your jacket pocket. The battery charge will last for a day of work and the developer ensures that the valves do not jam in one position when the energy runs out. The startup authors call the target audience advanced athletes, from among those who are not averse to shelling out for high-tech novelties.

Little is known about the price of Omius - the jacket will probably cost no more than branded ski equipment. Compared with the competitor in the form of the French "smart shirt" Clim8, we are talking about one and a half hundred euros, no less.