American nearly went to jail for 10 years because of Elon Musk's flamethrower

Not all jokes are equally good, and it is not a fact that your humor will be understood in a foreign country. When Elon Musk launched a batch of flamethrowers on the market in 2018, they were positioned as an entertainment tool, not a weapon. And it played a cruel joke with the American Max Creddock, who took the "toy" with him to Italy.

In the United States, the attitude towards flamethrowers in private hands is controversial - in particular, a bill banning them was presented in New York the year before last, but it was never adopted. Musk himself ironically released his device called "Not a Flamethrower" (Not a flamethrower), it was produced under the brand of the tunneling company Boring Company, and the main purpose of the application was called the ignition of the barbecue and repelling mosquitoes. All 20, 000 released flamethrowers sold out instantly, and a couple of years later, TechCrunch found out that at least 1, 000 of them were taken abroad.

Max Creddock carelessly dropped his No Flamethrower into his suitcase and went on vacation to the port town of Olbia in Sardinia. However, in Italy, possession of such a weapon is clearly illegal, so the police immediately arrested the American and sent him to jail. He faced a 10-year prison term, but Creddock was very lucky - he spent only a week and fled home on the first flight.

The main argument of Creddock's lawyer was that his ward acquired not a military weapon, but a toy. Quote from his address to the judge: "Do you really want to be the guy in the international news who is holding an American in jail for this toy?" Apparently, the argument turned out to be valid, so the Italian Themis took pity on the unlucky lover of entertainment gadgets.