California Senator Demands End "War on Imaginary Drugs" and Legalization of Psychedelics

Senator Scott Wiener has introduced what has been dubbed the most radical drug initiative in US history. The politician does not call, but practically openly demands to stop the "vicious" practice of combating the distribution and use of psychedelic substances. According to him, intolerance to psychedelics and the so-called "war on drugs" have been damaging the country for nearly a hundred years - it's time to end it.

This document was co-authored with the Interdisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Research, which is at the forefront of scientific research on the use of psychedelics for the treatment of mental illness. They say that modern Americans are massively diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD, "the mental health of the nation" is under a tangible threat. And in such conditions, it would be criminal to forbid people to seek alternative methods of treatment - for example, with the help of psychedelic experiences.

The industry must be decriminalized immediately and entirely, in particular, not only to allow complete freedom to store, use and distribute psychedelics, but also to cancel previous convictions for their use. At the same time, Wiener insists that the sale of drugs is still evil, therefore, instead of direct trade, it is necessary to introduce a mechanism of "social exchange". The definition of the term is very broad and includes "measures to counter the destruction of countless ancient practices of herbal medicine."

The bill does not specify the procedure for the use of as yet banned substances, but positions itself as the opposite of the recreational model on the basis of which cannabis is now spreading in the United States. List of psychedelics proposed to legalize: mescaline, psilocybin, psilocin, LSD, dimethyltryptamine, ibogaine, ketamine, ecstasy. Substances of other groups are out of the question.