Unusual discovery: mosquitoes can't stand Skrillex music

The high-pitched, annoying squeak of mosquitoes is actually a call to mate. And recently, scientists have managed to find a melody that confuses female mosquitoes, which dramatically reduces their chances of procreation.

The objects of the study were the mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti species - carriers of the dangerous dengue fever. Normally, Aedes aegypti males hum at 600 Hz and females at 400 Hz. Without these acoustic beacons, females are lost, their appetite and craving for mating with males disappear. Scientists did not succeed in completely stopping the reproduction of mosquitoes during the experiments, but they managed to bring great chaos into the process. And they received a scientific basis for the development of compulsory contraception for blood-sucking insects.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by the American musician Skrillex turned out to be the best music for depriving mosquitoes of their chances of reproduction. For those who are not familiar with it: this is a kind of dubstep, a whimsical cacaphony of bass beats, samples and all kinds of noise. Many people tolerate it as hard as mosquitoes.

As it turned out, not only mosquitoes react violently to strange sounds, they can also be used to confuse pollinating insects, so it is important that the farmland has noise protection. And vice versa - since the climate on the planet is changing, insects begin to migrate and develop new territories, and there is no longer enough pesticides to fight them. Why not use the music we are used to for this?