The "Container" over-the-horizon radar took over duty

In early December, not far from the town of Kovylkino, in Mordovia, the 29B6 "Container" radar station, developed by the Scientific Research Institute for Long-Range Communications, was put into operation. Its main purpose is long-range target detection.

The principle of operation of the over-the-horizon radar is based on the reflection of a high-frequency signal from the ionosphere. The generated signal goes beyond the horizon, like a bouncing ball, and returns back to the receiving antenna with detailed information about the air situation thousands of kilometers from the station itself.

Compared to its predecessors, this radar is very compact and is located on two sites. A transmitting antenna is installed on the first site, and a receiving antenna on the second. Its dimensions are (width × depth × height) 1300 × 200 × 34.5 m.

Thanks to a powerful new radar, our air defense systems will be able to detect any flying objects, including small ones, at a distance of about 3 thousand km in a sector up to 240 degrees. In other words, everything that takes off from NATO Air Force bases up to the shores of the English Channel will be visible on our radar screens.