Record set for internet data transmission speed

Researchers at University College London have set a world record for Internet data transmission at 1, 125 terabits per second, 50, 000 times faster than the current broadband Internet. In other words, at this speed, all Game of Thrones episodes in HD quality can be downloaded in less than 1 second.

To achieve this speed, researchers had to take advantage of the latest advances in information theory. Today, the transmission rate is limited by a finite signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). By applying advanced digital signal processing techniques to SNR, the throughput has been increased many times over.

In other words, the team identified the most efficient way to convert data to optical signals, taking into account the existing limitations in the receiver and transmitter. They then applied noise reduction techniques commonly used in wireless communications to optical transmission. Thus, the scientists ensured signal transmission with minimal distortion.

One of the team leaders, Dr. Robert Maher, shared the results of the research:

“The use of high throughput super receivers allows us to create a powerful channel that literally“ one go by ”. Such channels are primarily necessary for the main optical communication systems, which ensure the transfer of large amounts of information between cities, countries and continents. "