A new generation of ransomware viruses is gaining momentum

According to the latest report from the cybersecurity company Cisco Systems, an unusual ransomware strain called Samas has appeared on the Internet without human intervention.

Ransomware viruses infiltrate large networks and take important information hostage. To return it, hackers demand to pay a ransom. The victim of Samas last month was the US hospital network - MedStar Health Inc.

Hackers encrypt target and backup data, accounts and accounts, making information unreadable. If network owners do not have additional secure backups, then they usually have to unfasten attackers from 10 to 15 thousand dollars for the corporate network. For personal computer users, this amount can be up to several hundred dollars.

Samas exploits a vulnerability in servers running JBoss applications commonly used by some of the largest corporations. Having penetrated into the server, hackers implant a virus into it that steals credentials and spreads in the system, simultaneously encrypting many files.

The seriousness of the threat is evidenced by the huge losses incurred by companies. So, according to FBI reports, over the past 6 months they amounted to $ 24.1 million, which is 41% of $ 57.6 million of all registered losses since 2005.