The United States is developing a project to power the Earth from orbiting solar panels

At first glance, this project is pure fantasy. Just imagine: a complex launched into low-earth orbit, equipped with giant solar panels, transmits the received energy to the Earth using a radio beam in the millimeter range.

Calculations show that this energy should be more than enough to power a decent city. The object will be 9 times larger than the ISS in size. Its assembly will be carried out directly in orbit using space robots. At the moment, 2 experimental modules for receiving, converting and transmitting electricity have already been created.

The first module is an electronic "sandwich", the upper surface of which, being a photoelectric panel, absorbs the sun's rays. In the inner space there is an electronic system for converting energy into radio frequencies and the lower one is the transmitting antenna.

The second module - "step" is made in the form of a zigzag, which makes it possible to receive more solar energy without overheating, which is its greater efficiency.

The developments are currently at the patenting stage. According to experts, they have a number of advantages over similar systems based on the transfer of energy using lasers.