UK banks started using customer voice authentication

Traditional bank passwords are a thing of the past. They are being replaced by new identification systems. More than 15 million HSBS and First Direct mobile banking users in the UK are now accessing their accounts through voice biometric identification developed by Nuance Communications. Its reliability is evidenced by the verification of more than 100 unique parameters, including speech rate and pronunciation.

The program also looks for confirmation of the correspondence of physical vocal parameters, in particular, the vocal tract and the characteristics of the nasal passage. The new client is only required to make a clear "voice fingerprint" in order to forever forget about the old security password or PIN code.

As you know, the new is the well-forgotten old, such as, for example, a fingerprint. Many smartphones are already familiar with the method of fingerprinting, which allows the user to unlock his gadget with one touch of his finger. Likewise, with the help of a fingerprint, bank customers will continue to access their accounts along with sound identification.

First Direct CEO Tracy Garrad is convinced that "physical and behavioral characteristics are nearly impossible to imitate."