Neck bracelet will reduce the likelihood of concussion

Until now, it is believed that the most optimal protective agent against craniocerebral injuries and, in particular, from concussion is a special helmet. However, this is not entirely true.

The fact is that a concussion occurs from a sudden "shaking" inside the skull, which is accompanied by a blow to the brain on its inner surface. Helmets soften the force of an impact by partially absorbing it, but 100% safety is out of the question. As medical practice shows, a concussion can be obtained without a direct blow to the head.

As it turned out, not only the head should be protected, but also the neck area. Dr. Gregory Meier's team of Cincinnati Children's Hospital has partnered with Q30 Innovations to develop a special device that attaches around the neck.

With its help, a slight pressure is exerted on the neck, which, in turn, increases the volume of blood in the vessels of the brain. According to the stories of those who tested the device on themselves, they experienced a feeling similar to that experienced by a person, being upside down, only in a softer form.

Having received an increased portion of blood, the brain naturally increases in volume, which reduces the amplitude of an unexpected "shock", and, consequently, the risk of getting a concussion. Studies have shown that, thanks to the device, the number of damaged brain fibers in traumatic situations is reduced by 83%.

Currently, the device is being tested, after which the gadget will go on sale within two years.