Microsoft can now import banking into Excel

Microsoft has launched a new software tool called "Money in Excel", which is designed to process users' financial data. This is the second ever official attempt to gain access to this kind of data and become intermediaries in the financial transactions of individuals. The first was Microsoft Money, which was abandoned more than ten years ago.

At its core, Money in Excel is a template for Office 365 that captivates with the ability to automatically transfer all the customer's financial information from the bank to spreadsheets. Moreover, data import is "smart", with automatic sorting, distribution in different tables, analysis and filtering. Microsoft turns to those who like to use Excel to process financial information, but are tired of manual data transfer.

Work with bank, credit cards, investment or loan accounts is declared, the ability to import data on all transactions and analyze them, distributing them into different categories. For example, the program will monitor the timing of the overdraft, changes in tariffs, give advice on cost optimization, etc. Visualization of operations is provided through the drawing up of schedules, statements and workbooks.

The subscription price for using Money in Excel is $ 6.99 for single accounts and $ 9.99 for family groups. The program works with all US financial institutions, but so far only with them, the service is now unavailable for foreigners.