Denmark has a unique castle office

Olafur Eliasson's design studio has completed its first Danish-Icelandic project called Fjordenhus. It was created by order of the investment company Kirk Kapital, which is headed by the descendants of the founder of Lego, Ole Kirk Christiansen - they needed a new office. The name can be translated as "House in the Fjord", it is located at the very exit of the Wailefjord, in the Danish city of Vejle. And it looks like an old castle in a modern way.

If necessary, the building will be able to perform the functions of a fortress, its walls are built of concrete and faced with colorful bricks, they rise by 28 m, and the structure is connected to the land only by a narrow footbridge. But the main purpose of "Fjordenhas" is to serve as a cultural site and office complex. The business premises are located on the upper floors, under a roof made of solar panels, the public hall has an open gallery that runs over the waters of the fjord.

Schematically, the structure looks like a combination of four cylinders with embossed walls - at the bottom of the base column, on top of the ceiling and inhabited zones. The interiors are built on alternating wood, glass and stone, with the Pietra Piasentina rock, exclusively found in the hills of Friuli, Italy, for the office floors. The real beauty appears only at night, when the underwater floodlights turn on and the artistic structures below the water level in the fjord become visible.

According to the chief designer, years of research in the field of climate, working with light, innovative materials, and architectural solutions for arranging a workspace have been embodied here. A one-of-a-kind or just the first in a series of objects, which by default is a work of art, and at the same time - a fully functional business building. Its opening to the general public is scheduled for June 9th.