Amazon's new headquarters will combine office with rainforest

In Seattle, construction of the central part of the future campus of the Amazon Internet retailer is being completed. The entire building will look like a complex of three combined giant spheres, within which the workplaces of employees are located right among the green spaces. Plus over 40 typical rectangular structures on the ground floors to highlight the beauty and grandeur of the main architectural ensemble.

The greenhouses inside the headquarters will plant 40, 000 individual seedlings, representing 400 species of plants from five continents and more than fifty countries. Preference is given to tropical and mountain species growing at altitudes from 1 to 3 km. Because they can draw moisture directly from the air and inside the spheres it will be possible to organize a "cloud irrigation" system, along with the usual waterfalls and decorative ponds.

To maintain the optimum temperature inside the spheres, 22 ° C during the day and 14 ° C at night, each of the 2, 664 glass panels was coated with a film that only allows visible light to pass through, blocking infrared radiation. The height of the spheres reaches 30 m, the width is up to 40 m, air masses circulate freely inside this space, and the humidity varies from 65 to 80%.

John Schottler, one of Amazon's vice presidents, calls the new headquarters the future cultural hub of Seattle. For where else in the city can you find such biodiversity? For visitors, there is the "Understory" zone, a unique observation deck in the center of the building, with the possibility of panoramic observation of everything that happens inside the complex.