Google saves every search query ever made by a user

Not every Internet user knows that all his search queries in Google are recorded and, moreover, if you wish, you can familiarize yourself with them. Moreover, we are talking not only about the history of requests made from a specific computer, but about the complete search history for all mobile and non-mobile devices from which you logged on to the Internet through your account.

How to read your Google search history

If you suddenly close your eyes and try to remember the events associated at different times with queries on Google, then the most important ones, for example, the purchase of real estate, will come to mind. In this case, "small things" will remain "overboard".

However, Google remembers everything. The full history can be found at This will be detailed information about the content, the exact date and time of the request in the smallest detail, starting from the first day when you first started "googling" under your account. In addition, you will see the YouTube search history.

How to stop this mess

If you still do not want someone to poke their nose into your notes, or you just do not want to record them further, then Google is here to meet you halfway. Go to the section "Tracking activities" (Activity Control), where you can configure the storage of all kinds of data related to individual searches. The main thing is to click on the top slider marked "Web & App Activity", and all your subsequent searches will remain only on your conscience.