World's tallest shipping container building to appear in London

Engineers have just received permission to build a new office building (Project 118 VR) on Vallance Road in East London. The author of the project is the Patalab Architecture studio. Its main feature: a nine-storey building with a height of 26 meters will be built from used shipping containers.

The size of the London skyscraper will surpass the previous "container" record holder by two meters - the Freitag shopping center in Zurich (Switzerland).

Structurally, the containers will be stacked in 9 tiers and fastened to each other with a high-strength steel frame. An array of solar panels will be located on the roof of the building.

The project assumes a free internal layout in accordance with the requests of future office tenants. In particular, each office will "receive" a glazed balcony, and the facade of the building will be tiled. In addition, the building will house a cafe and various service premises.

According to representatives of Patalab Architecture, the construction of 118 VR will cost almost 30% less than a regular office building.