Top 10 most unusual hotels in the world

For many travel lovers, hotels are a place of stopping and comfortable rest, the price of staying in which directly depends on the level of service. However, some hotel owners have decided to move away from the usual stereotypes, making the stay in the hotel part of an exciting journey.

1. Bubble Hotel

The Bubble Hotel at Attrap Reeves in France invites its guests to spend the night in a transparent plastic sphere, from where they can use a telescope to look at the stars, checking their observations against a map of the starry sky. At the same time, the rest of the pleasures "remain in force" - the delights of the local resort and massage sessions.

2. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort

The Conrad Maldives underwater hotel is unique in that it was created on the basis of the world's first underwater restaurant, then reconstructed into an underwater apartment.

3. Ice Hotel

And at the Ice Hotel, opened in Sweden in 1989, guests are welcomed with an ice reception in the full sense of the word, as it is made of ice and snow from northern European rivers. From here to the Arctic Circle is only 125 km. The hotel has 65 rooms, including luxury suites, as well as ice and snow rooms.

4. Waldseilgarten

Camping on trees is located in Waldseilgarten, Germany. Here guests can spend time in a tent suspended a few feet above the ground. Thrill-seekers will be offered to spend the night in a "suspended state", but already on a steep cliff.

5. Igloo Village

Finland is ready to offer a vacation spot in the Igloo Village in the Arctic Circle. These houses differ from the traditional snowy Eskimo dwelling with a glass roof, through which you can admire the beauty of the local winter landscapes and the mesmerizing northern lights.

6. Henn-na Hotel

As you know, Japan is a country not only of cherry blossoms, but also of modern technologies. Their embodiment is the Henn-na Hotel, where the functions of the attendants are entrusted to robots with the functions of facial recognition and indoor temperature control.

7. Costa Verde

The plane-hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica, stylized as a Boeing 727 crashed into the jungle half a century ago, looks unusual. There are bungalows and guest houses near the plane. If desired, guests can take part in the capture of sloths and monkeys.

8.V8 Hotel

No less original is the hotel-car, in which each bedroom is stylized as one of 34 cars of prestigious brands - Mercedes, Morris Minor, Volkswagen and others. There are also numbers that resemble a car wash, auto repair shop and gas station.

9. Hotel Salt Palacio de Sal

The 16-room Palacio de Sal in Bolivia can rightfully be called the "Salt Hotel", since all the equipment here is made of salt.

10. Earthship Biotecture

At the end of the top ten unusual hotels is Earthship Biotecture, located in Taos (New Mexico). It absorbed the bold architectural solutions inherent in A. Gaudi and T. Seuss' fantasies. The building is made from recycled materials, and it receives energy from renewable sources. Rain and melt water is collected in a special cistern, and fresh vegetables can be grown in greenhouses. Modern technologies are represented by Wi-Fi hotspot and smart TVs.