The Curiosity rover can now be purchased on Earth as a Lego set

Since 2012, NASA's Curiosity rover has been surfing the Martian landscape. Jealous Earth dwellers can now set up their own exploration adventures with the new Lego Curiosity Rover set.

Compared to NASA's real Mars rover with its 2, 700 Nm of nuclear torque, deep scientific potential and a $ 2.5 billion price tag, Lego has cut the cost of its Curiosity to $ 30. Nevertheless, the smaller copy has the same original chassis with six wheels, which makes it easy to overcome obstacles, a long arm with joints, as well as mini-copies of all kinds of antennas and scientific equipment.

The Lego set consists of 295 pieces and is the brainchild of engineer Stephen Puckbaz, who took part in the real-life Curiosity program. His project went through CUUSOO, a Lego social platform that allows anyone to submit their ideas and concepts. If the project is supported by 10, 000 members, it will be taken to the next stage for review by the internal Lego team. In case of passing this stage, the project goes into production.

Lego's Curiosity rover is now available on the official website.