The first skyscraper church appears in Hong Kong

A new building for the International Methodist Church, Wesleyan House, has recently opened to visitors in Hong Kong. Its construction took only a year, but it required a lot of efforts from the architects. Rocco Design Architects, which implemented the project, calls it a "skyscraper church" with good reason.

The first difficulty in designing the building was the allocated area - the church had a land plot of only 800 square meters, and even located at the intersection of streets in a busy area. This means that the building had to stretch upward, otherwise it could accommodate 11, 000 sq.m. floor space is simply impossible. Plus, all around are skyscrapers made of glass and steel, so the new building had to match its surroundings and fit into the landscape.

As a result, the building reached a height of 95.8 m, it is designed like most commercial skyscrapers. Downstairs there is a spacious hall, above it the meeting room and the main sanctuary, then dozens of office-type floors, above them are the residences for the shepherds. At the very top, instead of a penthouse, there is a chapel, which offers a magnificent view of the bay and mountains.

The project has received a local green building certificate. The glazing of the building is designed to maximize the transmission of sunlight, the shape of the walls and façade facilitates natural ventilation. Even in the central hall, light enters through a special hole in the shape of a cross, and the stage in front of it is illuminated by a system of mirrors in the canopy above the wall.