Yahoo Japan unveils voice-activated 3D printer

The Japanese division of the well-known company Yahoo decided to try its hand at creating devices for 3D printing. The prototype of the first printer has already been officially demonstrated at the company's presentation in Japan.

Presenting the new 3D printer, representatives of the Yahoo Japan company stated that it belongs to the "devices of the future." The main feature of the new item, called Hands on Search, is the support for voice control. Thanks to this function, the printer can be used even by visually impaired or completely blind people.

It is reported that the Hands on Search 3D printer "responds" to the voice commands of a person standing next to it. Moreover, the user can simply say what exactly he needs to print, and the printer will independently start searching for a model and start printing. By the way, the printer can print a small plastic part in just 15 minutes.

One of the universities in Tokyo has already received the first Hands on Search printer. In the future, Yahoo plans to supply similar 3D printers to local schools and other educational institutions that train visually impaired people.