Mighty Buildings prints residential buildings in 24 hours

Thanks to the use of unique synthetic stone and construction 3D printers, Mighty Buildings specialists have learned to print full-fledged houses with an area of ​​33 sq. M. in just 24 hours. And this is not just a concept experiment - the startup is already actively building 3D houses in California and plans to expand.

Mighty Buildings is far from the only company that is mastering additive building technologies. But what sets it apart from the competition is the materials used. While other developers are using concrete-based liquid printing materials, Mighty Buildings is betting on a synthetic stone analogue. The material is laid with a 3D printer and hardens almost instantly due to UV irradiation. This allows you to create complex horizontal structures from it without using supporting supports.

Today, many companies are aiming to develop technology that will create livable buildings in the iconic 24 hours. Mighty Buildings admits that it has achieved this result through the use of kits of ready-made components. Plus, instead of printing the building on site, the company creates it in its factory, which greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of the process. At the end of printing, all surfaces of the new house are finished by robots. Mighty Buildings hopes to one day be able to automate 80% of the entire construction process.

The material used by Mighty Buildings instantly solidifies under the influence of ultraviolet radiation