US police car arsonist found on digital trail

Protests in the United States are increasingly taking the form of riots, with protesters confident that medical masks will hide their faces and avoid retaliation. All the more remarkable is the story of Laura-Elizabeth Blumenthal, who became the heroine of the news when, in fact, on the air of Philadelphia TV, she recklessly set fire to two police cars. Despite many high-quality pictures and several videos, due to the presence of the mask, the woman could not be immediately identified, and then the FBI took up her "digital trail".

The first clue was a T-shirt that read “Keep the immigrants, deport the racists”. This is a rare product, for an amateur, so the FBI through the Etsy service quickly found who bought such a shirt recently - someone with the nickname "alleycatlore", just from Philadelphia, left a laudatory review about this product. A nickname search led to the Poshmark online store, where the name "Laura-Elizabeth" was added to it. Next, on LinkedIn, I found a profile of a woman with that name in the Philadelphia region, whose place of work was listed as a massage parlor.

The next clue was a tattoo depicting a peace sign on the woman's right forearm. A similar drawing, but old, without additional signs, got into the frame in an advertising photo of a Philadelphia massage parlor four years ago. The salon's website listed the phone number and name of the massage therapist, through which the FBI learned the name and address: Blumenthal, West Duval Street in Philadelphia. Based on this information, the Department of Transportation provided a copy of the driver's license, which included a photo of the suspect.

With the information received, the FBI again turned to Etsy and there they confirmed that a customer with such data had bought two T-shirts with the desired inscriptions, one of them of the same color as in the video. Delivery address - Philadelphia, West Duvall, in the name of Blumenthal. Everything came together, plus the FBI had evidence and evidence in its hands. Laura-Elisabeth Blumenthal is charged with malicious destruction of federal property. If the court is strict, she can receive a fine of $ 500, 000 and as much as 80 years in prison.

Photo of a burned-out police car