The first autonomous combine harvester was created in Russia

The largest Russian agricultural holding Rusagro, together with Cognitive Technologies, an artificial intelligence developer for unmanned aerial vehicles, is creating an autonomous control system for agricultural machinery. With its help, in the near future, it is planned to cultivate up to 665, 000 hectares of land in the Belgorod region, which will significantly reduce crop losses and increase the efficiency of agriculture.

Equipment equipped with an autonomous control system will be able to work safely on plowed or unplowed land, on mowed or unmown fields, to adequately respond to various objects - oncoming cars, trees, roads, animals and people.

The complex includes: control system "Agrodroid", video camera, display and connecting cables. Operators can be present in the cabs of autonomous combines, with the system taking over control and allowing them to focus directly on harvesting.

"Agrodroid" can be installed on any combines, tractors and equipment designed for chemical processing of fields. Features of the system allow you to move a computer with it from one machine to another, without purchasing a new copy for each.

It is assumed that in the next few years Rusagro will install Agrodroid on all of its 800 combines.